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In the midst of growth, our city’s identity and character deserve preservation. Responsible growth is not just about expansion; it’s about nurturing our unique heritage while embracing opportunities for a brighter future. The West side of Provo is growing and we need to guide Provo’s growth with wisdom, balance, and respect for what makes our community exceptional.

Dave’s Vision:

Thoughtful Planning: The charm of Provo lies in its neighborhoods, each with its own distinct flavor. Dave is committed to working alongside residents to ensure that new developments enhance our community’s character while addressing infrastructure needs.

Smart Transportation: Transportation is key to responsible growth. Lakeview Parkway needs to be finished to the Orem/Provo boundary for Orem to finish the road north connecting to Geneva Road. Geneva Road is a critical travel corridor. Geneva Road is a state road not a city road.  However, we need a UDOT Improvement Plan with annual improvements, specifically from 450 North to 2000 North. Dave has sponsored 3 community service projects along Geneva Road in the last 2 years and is committed to a stronger District 3 with an improving Geneva Road.  The last community service project April 22nd was coordinated with UDOT.

Economic Vibrancy: Responsible growth means fostering an environment where local businesses flourish. Dave will encourage economic diversity, supporting entrepreneurs and nurturing a thriving business ecosystem that benefits everyone.

Join me in Shaping Provo’s Tomorrow! Together, we can cultivate a Provo that honors its past while embracing its potential. By advocating for responsible growth, we’re investing in a city that’s not just larger, but also more sustainable, vibrant, and uniquely Provo.

Let’s unite for a Provo that grows wisely, guided by a commitment to preserving our cherished heritage. Vote Dave Lewis.