Careful Financial Stewardship

As residents of Provo, we understand that responsible financial management is essential to maintaining the high quality of life we cherish.

Dave’s vision for Provo is clear:  To safeguard Provo’s economic vitality and secure a stable foundation for generations to come. With proven leadership and a dedication to transparent governance, Dave pledges to make informed decisions that prioritize both short-term needs and long-term sustainability.

Why Choose Fiscal Responsibility?

Transparency: Dave believes in an open and honest approach to financial matters. His commitment to transparency means you’ll always know how your hard-earned tax dollars are being utilized.

Strategic Planning: Dave understands the delicate balance between investing in crucial infrastructure and prudent spending. He will focus on prioritizing projects that yield maximum benefits for our community.

Debt Management: By responsibly managing debt, Dave aims to minimize the burden on future generations. He will work tirelessly to reduce unnecessary expenditures and alleviate financial strain.

Economic Growth: A strong economy benefits everyone. Dave will foster an environment that encourages local businesses to thrive, creating jobs and enhancing our collective prosperity.

Together, we can champion fiscal responsibility, ensuring Provo’s continued growth, stability, and exceptional quality of life. This campaign is not just about numbers—it’s about our community’s values and the legacy we leave for our children and grandchildren.

Together, let’s empower Provo’s future through responsible financial stewardship.

Vote for fiscal responsibility. Vote for Provo’s tomorrow. Vote Dave Lewis